6 Tips to Learn the Art of Food Photography


Are you a food blogger who wants millions follower on Instagram? For becoming a food blogger, foods photography has to be catchy, attractive and mouthwatering. Food photography is not just about photography, it has an artistic interpretation. The purpose of food photography is to attract people to go to that restaurant to try the food you have recommended.

Food photography is not everyone's cup of tea; you need a professional food photographer to click those dazzling pictures that will bring thousands of like in your social media page.

Here are few tips to make your food photography natural yet glamorous to the extent a blogger and viewers both yearn for.

Make the Most of Daylight

Photography in daylight has no competition. The intermingling of bright sunlight and shadow makes the picture ethereal. Daylight pictures no need much of editing, as they have natural filtration.

Try to Have a Neutral Background

The main intent of food photography is to focus on the food more than the background. If the background is too colourful, the focus will be there. Whereas the neutral background as in white, wooden, black or yellow coloured background can give you that exact 'one' photo that you were looking for. Food photographers in Brisbane keep these subtle things in mind as they are thorough professionals in this field. They believe in the quality of photos over number of pictures.

Mix and Match With the Colour

Colouringmixing matching is very important. The blending of neutral and bold colour makes the photo 'pop out'. The blending of colourscompliments the dish and catches the vibe of the picture.

Make Small Videos

In food blogging, small videos on food preparation of restaurants on special dishes are very trendy and attract the audience. Product videos in Brisbane have a different level fans base. Customers first check those videos on social media, the rating of the particular restaurant than only go for the restaurant.

Catch the Right Angle and Corner

The perfect angle makes a perfect picture. To get the perfect picture in food photography takes hours of patience. Whereas beverages like coffee, tea, wine photography look magical form a low angle view, on the contrary, starter, main course and dessert shots should be clicked from the upper angle. Click continuous shots, and get the best out of those. Opt for a panoramic view, while clicking a chicken steak picture.

Art of Ensemble

Food photography is all about an entire story. Create an ensemble of pictures with whole and half shots. Have breakfast, lunch, and dinner shot of a full course meal. This will make the viewer's go crazy about their food craving.

After all, food photography is all about creating a story. The more engaging and entertaining the story will, people will get more attracted to the food. Keep these tips in mind, before you try on professional food photography.